Earrings Graphium Weiskei, Blue Black

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Graphium White Gold Earrings

Genuine butterfly wings of the Graphium Weiskei butterfly.


Graphium Weiskei Falter

Rhodium / surgical steel

Size: approx. 3 x 5 cm only wing

Weight: about 3 g pair

Stones: -

Condition: New

Edition: Unique


blau_single_gw_1000x1000 blau_twin_gw_1000x1000

These wings are processed after the natural death into artistic earrings and are delivered by selected farms world-wide.

The wings measure about 3 x 5 cm and are cast in jeweler's resin. The resin finish preserves the colors and protects the earrings from environmental influences.

The earrings are very light and water resistant due to the synthetic resin texture.

The hooks of the earrings are made of rhodium-plated Chirugen steel.

Is delivered in a jewelry box.


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Earrings Graphium Weiskei, Yellow Black Earrings Graphium Weiskei, Yellow Black
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