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This name stands for trust, fair trade and exclusivity.

18Wings products are all unique. Each piece of jewelry is handmade exclusively for 18Wings.

We carry out fair trade from fair trade.

All species processed by 18Wings are not covered by the CITES Agreement and are therefore not protected or threatened with extinction.

On the contrary, 18Wings products are gained after the natural death of the species.

All our suppliers have to confirm this and are also regular inspected

by us on the observance of these conditions.

In addition, all 18Wings suppliers are OTOP certified companies.

Why jewelry from preparations?

18Wings is of the opinion that enough jewelry is by nature and we humans should use what nature gives us.

Jewelry is for us jewelery of the 21st century.

Upcycling can also be noble.

No further pillage to decorate is our credo.

save the planet

18Wings Your Partner of Retail!



Nature conversation guarantee
Jewels made from nature ... you will find them here our almost unique range of jewelry.

Made from real beetles and butterflies.

All animals are processed and not bred for natural death.

All of our goods are handmade and unique because of their natural texture.

We carry out fair trade from fair trade. Our products are OTOP products and thus certified Fair Tradeware.

All species processed and offered by 18Wings are not subject to the CITES Agreement and are therefore not protected or threatened with extinction.

Our jewelry stands 100% for sustainability, fair trade and environmental awareness


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Are the insects killed?

No, all animals are processed and are not bred for their natural death.

The emerald beetle has only a few weeks' life cycle and dies in Thailand alone in the double-digit million range within a few weeks. This is a natural phenomenon and is not influenced by humans. The same is true with butterflies which are kept for species conservation in "zoo`s" so-called "butterflies farms" and even there after a few days of course.

Is the nature conservation considered here?

All of the 18Wings processed and offered are not subject to the

CITES (Washington Convention on Species Protection) and are therefore not protected or threatened with extinction.

Are Fairtrade products traded?

18Wings manufactures jewelery from fair trade.
All our products are OTOP products

And thus to 100% certified fair trade goods.

Are the insects hygienic?

Yes absolutely! Our insects comply with German hygienic standards

And, of course, hygiene is taken into account in all production steps.

Do you get insect jewelry everywhere?

18Wings products are unique

And are produced exclusively for 18Wings in handwork.

Is insect jewelery skin-friendly?

Yes absolutely our jewelry is skin-friendly.

No nickel is used   

All metal parts are rhodium-plated, silver-plated, gold-plated, or hypoallergenic stainless steel Individual pieces made of bronze





We deliver all goods in a jewel case





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