Fair Trade





The 7  Trade Rules from


We sell exclusively products from OTOP certified
suppliers and thus 100% Fairtrade products
This includes in particular the following 7 rules:


  • Payment of fair prices directly to producers
  • Exclusion of children or forced labor
  • Ensure good working conditions
  • Equal rights and non-discrimination in enterprises
  • Promoting education and skills
  • Use of local resources
  • Transparency, responsibility and periodic review of conditions by 18Wings




Protection of species


Siamese emerald beetle

The siamese emerald beetle lives about 23 months as a larva in the undergrowth and under the earth before he pupils and dies after the reproduction.

This is a natural process and is not influenced by people.

After harvesting the collected species, they are used by the population as a protein supplier and serve as food.

Traditionally jewelery or works of art are traditionally made from the remaining parts.

In the following, we would like to give you a brief insight into our work.

All species processed by 18Wings are not covered by the CITES Agreement and are therefore not protected or threatened with extinction.

On the contrary, 18Wings products are gained after the natural death of the species.




These wings are processed to artful earrings according to the natural nature of the butterflies / butterflies and are supplied by selected farms worldwide.

Most species come from Southeast Asia and are subject to the OTOP standard from Thailand. They are hand-picked by the native
Population before they are processed into ornate jewelery.

Our suppliers expressly declare that our products do not violate species protection regulations of any kind.
These products are not protected by CITES and do not come from endangered species.
18 Wings likes to pass on this promise to her.