925 sterling silver strap with emerald beetle 1 Wing

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Emerald beetle wings, earrings.1 Wing green, sterling silver solid

Super easy to wear.


Emerald Beetle Wings (Sternocera Aequisignata)

925 sterling silver 6.80 g

Size: approx. 35 mm wing shells / 30 mm x 30 mm width

Weight: approx. 7.0 g pair

Stones: -

Condition: New

Edition: Unique


Ohrring_buegel_1_wing Ohrring_buegel_1_wing_02

100% Natural Emerald Beetle Wings (Sternocera Aequisignata):

You get beetle wing covers from genuine emerald beetles (Sternocera Aequisignata). These insects come from Thailand, from the Isaan region and are managed according to the provisions of the CITES (Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). The emerald beetle has a lifespan of approx. 2 years in the larval stage after which he spends only 3-4 weeks in adulthood before he suddenly dies shortly after the pairing.

The metallic shining wing covers glimmer in their shades from green to blue or gold and are harvested after the natural death of the beetles.

They are very light but have the durability of a fingernail. Their iridescence is long-lasting and they are often the only remaining ornament on historical clothes or costumes.

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